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Lackers is a short experimental piece exploring the philosophy behind the glass half-full/glass half emptyparadigm. Our society has cultured a subconscious drive towards ‘perfection’ - people seem to concentrate on their flaws: we see them as our faults and our penalties in life. 

Through this work, my hope is to make people accept and love their abnormalities. Being different separates you from the herd, it actually makes you unique. We are all Lackers, isn’t that what life is about? 

How boring if we were all the same… If we were all perfect. 


Main Cast

Cesar Di Bello as ... Noseless

Inés Coca as ... Thirsty Girl

Michael Daniel Birnberg as ... Fat Large Man/Tio Miguel

Sammy the Dwarf as ... El Duende

Laura Meadows as ... Legless



Written and Directed by ... Mariano Schoendorff Ares

Produced by ... Giulia Cardamone

Cinematography by ... Manuel von E. Dixen

Edited by ... Christelle Zeinoun

Music by ... Thomas Powell

Art Direction by ... Inés Coca

Make Up by ... Natividad Bujalance


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