superboy is a short that explores the cultural and artistic side effects brought about by today's mass production of superhero films.


Superboy follows Ralph, a middle-class 6-year-old kid brought up in Madrid during the 1990s. Ralph is an innocent dreamer, yet to be corrupted by the harsh realities of life. He sees the world like a living painting filled with joy, beauty and art - where he can play, explore and experience whatever he pleases. His Mother, however, is the opposite embodiment of his dreams. She is a representation of the corporate/conservative world, obsessed with making her son grow and with making him follow her old fashioned views – forcing him to do his chores and not giving him the time to explore his creativity.

SUPERMAN plays a strong role in Ralph’s life. Lacking a father figure to look up to, Superman cartoons allow him to see the world through a different spectrum - one where he has a role model. Ralph wishes he could be like Superman, able to overcome every problem and to be loved by everyone. Unfortunately, though, the precarious situation that he is living makes that task difficult. This, however, will not stop him. As soon as his Mom turns off the TV and tries to stop him from ‘dreaming’, Ralph will appropriate the role of SUPERBOY.

As SUPERBOY he will fight his ‘evil’ Mother for his right to dream.


Santino Barnard as ... Ralph/superboy

Inés Coca as ... Ralph's Mom

Aaron Berjohn as ... Mr. Greed




Written and Directed by ... Mariano Schoendorff Ares

Produced by ... Pablo Riesgo & Olivia Cottenden

Cinematography by ... Manuel von E. Dixen

Animation by ... Regina Coca

Edited by ... Christelle Zeinoun

Art Direction by ... Amalia Aranguren

Production Design by ... Inés Coca

Music Composed by ... Luis D. Agulló

Make up by ... Natividad Bujalance